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As the commercial cleaning industry’s top global company, Jan-Pro has developed branded processes that keep the workplace clean, fresh and protected from harmful bacteria.

JAN-PRO® of New York City Delivers Measurable Commercial Cleaning

If you’re tired of commercial cleaning vendors who are long on promises, but short on performance, you’ve come to the right place. Jan-Pro has built its reputation on people who take pride in their work, breakthrough cleaning technologies, the most efficient cleaning disinfectants, the highest air quality and the safest equipment — perfected over years of serving our satisfied customers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Measuring What We Manage

Your satisfaction drives every aspect of our business. We customize cleaning plans to fit each facility and its unique needs.


Jan-Pro Trained Cleaning Team

We Care About Your Business Success

Franchise owners lead the crew that cleans your facility. They’re committed to providing superior cleaning and service on every visit.


A Healthier Workplace For Your Business

With our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfecting system, your facility will be protected from bacteria, flu and other viruses, making it safer and healthier.

Developed specifically for medical office cleaning

Where Cleaning Counts Most

Our Owner-Certified MedMetrix® program for medical facility cleaning meets the strict requirements of AORN, OSHA, CDC and the Joint Commission.


JAN-PRO® of New York City: Superior Commercial Cleaning Service

Welcome to Jan-Pro of New York City. We’re part of the world’s largest, most successful, and most trustedcommercial cleaning brand and service provider. Our motto is Measurable Cleaning – Guaranteed Results®. All it takes is one look at those results to see why 35,000 clients worldwide rely on Jan-Pro services. At Jan-Pro of New York City, we provide industry-specialized cleaning and disinfection services for clients in a wide range of industries including medical, financial, commercial and industrial facilities. We use only the most effective and efficient cleaning methods. Click below to learn more about what makes commercial cleaning services from Jan-Pro of New York City so exceptional.

With Jan-Pro of New York City, your workplace gains the advantage of Jan-Pro’s Signature Clean® process. That means you’re dealing with a fully insured and fully bonded commercial cleaning service provider. It also means your cleaning provider has been certified by the cleaning industry’s most rigorous testing and training program.

This five-week program includes specialized training into industry-specific cleaning. At Jan-Pro of New York City, our training is bolstered by the years of experience our commercial cleaning service team has accrued by serving a range of industries, including:

Thanks to our Signature Clean® process, Jan-Pro of New York City’s cleaning and disinfection programs are second to none. For disinfection, we use our exclusive EnviroShield® system. EnviroShield® utilizes a spray-release disinfection system that provides greater efficiency and more effective coverage than any other method of disinfecting. EPA-rated, EnviroShield® provides hospital-grade disinfection while remaining fully safe and non-toxic to human beings and the environment.

Our green cleaning methods extend to our use of low-volume, high coverage techniques when using harsher commercial cleaners. We also employ HEPA-quality vacuums that improve air quality and practice cross-contamination fighting strategies for safer cleaning.

Jan-Pro of New York City tracks the results of our commercial cleaning service using the Jan-Pro Tracker® system. Jan-Pro Tracker® allows us to consistently provide exceptional cleaning. We also provide guaranteed cleaning services. Our satisfaction guarantee comes standard with our commercial cleaning services and is unique in the commercial cleaning industry. Simply put, if we fail to resolve a complaint within 48 hours, you receive a complimentary cleaning.

Make Jan-Pro of New York City your commercial cleaning service provider. Set up your initial consultation or get more information by calling (516) 279-1246.

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May 31, 2017

Our School Cleaning Services in New York City

At JAN-PRO® of Greater New York, we understand just how important providing a clean and safe learning atmosphere is to promoting healthy student development. Whether you run a preschool, school, or college in the New York City area, our specialized cleaning services will help ensure your facility has the right environment to foster student growth … Continued